I always feel the urge to punch people whenever they get close to me?

Most recently my sister came up to me and I felt like bashing her brains in for some reason. I would say I have a short fuse but I can hold back by isolating myself. I sometimes get angry for no reason and rip shirts or throw stuff.

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  • Intermittent explosive disorder? Uncontrollable anger disorder? There are meds for this and it's a real thing. Unless you get some help to fix it "Anger Management Class", "or worse" is inevitable, and it's coming for you.

    "If" you want help maybe consider seeing a doctor before something bad happens.

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  • Take risperidone(its very good for rages).

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  • Sounds like a bit of a personal problem there. Hitting people gently I can get, I dislike contact most of the time too, but "bashing her brains in" sounds like a lot more of a problem.

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  • Sounds like roid rage lol.

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  • Sounds like you personal problem to me.

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  • *Hugs you and never let go of you anymore* <3

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