I’m afraid to have friends

I’m afraid to have friends, I enjoy psychology , and physically hurting them. I like seeing people I like In pain. My ex best friend has scars on her wrist and hand from me digging my nails deep in her skin I’d mentally hurt her too. I’m very toxic towards people and sometimes don’t realize that I’m physically hurting them, I enjoy it. So in order to stop doing it I stopped friends all together from years of friendship with others, I don’t know what to do, I can’t stop hurting them. This is the only way.

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  • You’re dangerous! Get help immediately!

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  • You made a good choice.

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  • Drama queen.

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  • I put it's normal before I read.

    Definitely not normal!!!

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  • You seriously need professional help!

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  • How do we know this post isn't one of your pathetic mind games?

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    • What do u mean by that I’m trying to help myself here.

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      • You said you like screwing with peoples minds. If you wanted help you would have responded to bbrown95.

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  • O.P.
    k ho late cult.
    Is a douche.
    Try to ignore it.
    Im not a fan of psychologist.
    Or psychyatrist.
    I learned the difference and met both.
    Long ago.
    Ill just say this, most times when were looking to impose hurt.
    ( whether to ourselfs, others, animals, etc. )
    Its because we have a hurt we dont know how to deal with.
    Were hurt, so we attack.
    Its a very natural responce.
    I dont know what your solution is.
    But the path you are on is not healthy.

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    • Suck the fart out of my ass lmfao

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      • K, HO.
        You make this about you?
        This person is in danger.
        And you just take it as a game.
        I love how you resort to your defense mechanisms.
        1 Insult instead of reason.
        because you can't.
        2 Raise your voice.
        3 Imply that you would do physical harm.
        Makes sence.
        You make it all about you.
        self centered as usual.

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        • What the hell are you talking about you literally called me out by name and called me a douche lmfao

          Stop trying to psychoanalyze me

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          • K ho late.
            Once again.
            This isnt about YOU.
            P.S. you're to easy.
            there is no try.

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            • How am I raising my voice in a written sentence Ms Terri?

              How is telling you to suck the fart out of my ass implying I will cause you physical harm Ms Terri?

              You made it about me when you said my name Ms Terri.

              This person isn’t in danger, their friends are, Ms Terri.

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      • Woahhwohaowah

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        • She just hates me because I said “no” to being her Valentine, although the Snoopy-themed box of chocolates she got me were very good.

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    • I know it’s not healthy, How can I fix it? I’m afraid to tell my parents they will laugh at me

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      • Sorry, I do not have the answer.
        I have demons of my own I don't know how to handle.
        My best advice is consider the consequences of any action first.
        Don't be stupid and throw your life away because you have a few rough years.
        Life is what you choose to make it.
        Educating yourself is free.
        You're probably in a bad situation.
        If youre stupid youll get violent or try hard drugs.
        If youre smart youll study.
        Bust your ass at working.
        And move to a better place.
        See those prisons, See the bums.
        They were once normal people.
        life is what you choose.

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  • Get a therapist. A really good one.

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  • Thats awful. I agree in your case you should distance yourself if you cant help hurting people. Definitely get a real psychologist as well.

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  • I think you should get help from someone more professional than your school counsellor. I don't think what you're experiencing is normal at all so please do seek professional help. Try speaking to your parents about this. I hope things go well with you. Leaving your friends was the right choice, so now concentrate on yourself, seek help and try to think about your actions and why you do them

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  • Have you sought professional help about this?

    The good thing is that you're aware of this and that it's not good to hurt people. If you seek professional help and are able to find a way to control these urges, you may be able to find friendship without being afraid of hurting those people.

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    • I have not gotten help, however while visiting the school counselor I hinted that I wasn’t good with friends, when she called my parents they laughed and didn’t believe it

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  • So you’re socially retarded.
    And how you speak you might be retarded retarded.

    That’s rough.
    Have you tried dying?

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