How would one be 'banned' on the internet

Just curious, I know how celebrities get canceled. However how does an ordinary person get banned if one can just make another account?

These are just thoughts though

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  • I’m banned from entire countries so I doubt it’s overly difficult.

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  • ders dis stufff mah homegril ranique founnd dis ting calld cp an i dunno wat it stan 4 but I parrently canot see herr agin, if u search dat up I guess u ban dawg :3

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    • You're not just banned from the internetz....You're banned from the world...

      But don't worry, usually people that find that sort of thing are banned from the world for a couple of months, so you'll see her again.

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  • The only way it happens is through legal intervention. You would have to be specifically banned from using the internet by your local justice system. This is usually a punishment for people who commit severe online crimes.

    There are ways to IP ban individuals, but that's on a company by company basis. It's most commonly used by Microsoft, Steam, or Sony to ban modders from online gaming. Facebook has been known to rarely do it.

    It's also possible to ban an individual's phone number from being used to validate an account. This is a new development and will likely lead to issues whenever phone numbers start getting cycled. Imagine being unable to make an account because the guy who had your number before you was a dick.

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  • You cant get banned right now unless you use your face in your profile. Even then you'd have to be famous because I dont believe they bother with using facial recognition in the bans yet. Facial recognition technology has along way to go despite the hype behind it.

    Fun fact: you can look up prim eyes you can have a picture of someones face you can upload it and it will find their social media for you. But it will also show you alot of ppl who look identical. But if you have just info like what state,city,area they live in you can find anyone with a picture of them (as long as they have social media)

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