How often should i wash my bed linen and couch cover?

I have OCD and I'm trying to make the water bill go down. How often should I wash my bed linen and couch cover? I'm not sexually active so my sheets don't get sex germs on them or the couch cover. How often do people normally wash theres clothes, towels, wash cloths and kitchen towels? Thanks.

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  • Bed linens (sheets and pillowcases) and bathroom towels-every week. Comforter or duvet cover every 3-6 months if you're not actively sweating on it, having sex, or have animals that cover it in fur. Same applies with the sofa cover. (These can be vacuumed, or hit with a lint roller in between washings).

    As for clothes: underwear should only be worn one day, less if you excercise or do anything that makes you sweaty. Jeans/pants/shorts/skirts can be worn several times between washings as long as you wear clean underwear.

    Shirts/tops maybe can be worn twice between washing if you don't sweat too much, spill anything on it, or hang out somewhere stinky like a smoky bar or a seafood market.

    Kitchen towels should be washed as needed, could be after 1 night or 2 weeks. If they smell or have visual food residue they need to be washed.

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