How much does stress/anxiety/depression affect your energy?

Does it affect your ability to do your job? Do you get wiped out easily from too many demands or pressure? Does it make you unable to do certain tasks or even work certain jobs?

Would you ever say certain jobs make it worse or easier? If so, which ones?

Did you do anything that restored your energy levels? Get better sleep, move out of a stressful environment, reduce a commute, take meds(questionable on energy levels?), meditate, do yoga, get out in nature, etc?

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  • I keep my personal shit at home when at work

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  • When I get anxious about something I am completely consumed by the anxiety, I don't even get up to go downstairs or to go to the toilet. I can't eat either. I just sit there hoping for the problem to go away and becoming a complete mess.

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    • I tend to numb out/tune out/distract myself. Kind of like losing myself in something else. Sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t. Like scrolling mindlessly through some social media feed.

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  • Yes!

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  • It affects my ability to do a job that I don't care about. Having a career that I'm passionate about helps me WANT to go to work and for me is vital to my success.

    If I'm being treated like shit by my employers it definitely makes it worse. If I'm working a dead end jobit makes it worse. In these types of situations my motivation goes down the shitter.

    Things that restore my energy levels (I'm an introvert) are alone time, sitting in silence and darkness, meditating, resting, dog park, conservation areas, cycling, talking with a loved one, reading, reflecting, journalling, playing guitar and singing, photography.

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    • Good to know the feeling is shared. Having something you’re passionate about that you show up to work for is great. I experienced that once, it definitely made me feel like the boss of my life in a way; I’m actually doing what I want to be doing (and happy!)

      I think I’m more of an ambivert. I was just at the mall this past weekend, crazy busy. So many people. It didn’t bother me one bit or drain me. But if I was trying to concentrate or decide on something, all the people seemed to be a source of pressure.

      Those are great things to help restore energy. I like being out in nature/going to the waterfront; the water or trees are healing.

      Have you ever tried float therapy?

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