How do santa deniers explain that the presents say “from santa”?

If Santa isn’t real why do the presents say “from Santa?”

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  • Some of them like to argue that the recipient's parents or guardians are the ones responsible for writing "From Santa", however, that would be forgery, therefore illegal. If so many parents and guardians were committing the crime of forgery, how are they not imprisoned? That's a debate that Santa deniers are far too afraid to refute.

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    • Exactly, and how could all those parents be in on a giant conspiracy together? It’s super outlandish.

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  • The presents that appear under my tree each year couldn't have spontaneously appeared, but must have been placed there by someone, some form of "Ungived-giver," if you will. They are so finely crafted that no random chance could have resulted in their appearance, they bear the unmistakable appearance of elven labor. We all have a Santa-shaped hole in our hearts, only by opening our chimneys to him and providing him with milk and cookies can we experience his love for us.

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  • I think this pastor could explain it better than anyone.

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  • You got me there.

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