Have you ever learned to be attracted to someone?

Someone you didn't find yourself attracted to at first, not because they're ugly but because they weren't your type and didn't have your physical preferences. And if so why did you give them a chance and was it successful? I also wonder if it's possible to realize you do have chemistry with someone when you do something intimate with that person, because with some people you feel immediate chemistry but maybe with others you don't realize you have chemistry until you decide to explore wether or not you do.

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  • Its about being attached to someone if they are attached to you.

    What this means if you've got the same feeling back.

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  • I've definitely dated people who I wasn't immediately attracted to. Having said that, the attraction happens fairly quickly & naturally on it's own. It's not a feeling you can control. You can't talk yourself into being attracted to someone you aren't attracted to.

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  • I haven't ever had that in a significant way that I can recall at this moment.

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  • I would never pursue a girl that I dont find very attractive. I just dont think it would work.

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