Had a dream that my brother killed my oldest brother

Just woke up and still shaken. Had a dream that my second brother got into a fight with my oldest brother, pull a gun out and shot him. I woke up crying and don't why this dream happen. Is it normal? Why did this happen?

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  • I've had dreams before when I've killed people I know. It leaves me shaken, and thinking "would I really do it?" I believe dreams are just random parts of our subconscious that blend weird things together. Heck, I had a dream where I had sex with my brother, and I've never had any feelings for him at all. I am gay, but I've never thought of him like that. So yeah. Maybe not normal, but it happens to quite a few people.

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  • Dreams are just dreams but dreams of killing involves pent up frustration. Maybe you sense the anger between the two. Did they have a falling out.

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