Guys who pose with a girl on tinder

Guys who upload photos with a woman or several women to their tinder profile.... why? I always think "is that his ex?!".
Is it to show he is capable of getting womens attention?!
If so that is obnoxious. I wouldnt upload a photo of me and my ex or me and a guy friend to tinder but thats just me.
Its kind of like guys posing with a baby and they're all "its not my kid" Okay, so why upload the photo?! Poor kid having to have their face on tinder of all places just so you can possibly get laid faster because you think it makes you look like a daddy.

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  • I think it’s to show that they’re safe. Like, other women take pictures with them. He’s holding a baby, therefore he’s not dangerous.

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  • “Is it to show he is capable of getting womens attention”

    Correct. It also means he often isn’t.

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  • I think it's really tacky, and it certainly would turn me off.

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  • I think its worst when its them holding dead fishes. Like alright I get it, you can fish. You're a man, doing manly things.
    Who knows honestly what goes through their minds before uploading these pictures. Tinder just isn't the place if you're looking for something serious.Most if not all are just fuck boys.

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  • Probably to show he has certain standards or something idk.

    Might be like look at this girl shes hot I get hot girls. Only hot girls need message me. Im out of your league ugly girls.

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    • Thats what I guessed is one reason which I mentioned.
      I think that is obnoxious and seems insecure like he has to show off that attractive women hang out with him. Plus it says nothing if they are his friends anyway, that just means hot girls friendzone him lol

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    • Actually it might be that.

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