Grouped a girl on accident

So in a drama class in highschool we were playing a kind of tag like game, and i went to "tag" this girl and she kinda ran into my hand in a way to where i kind of cupped her chest, this was completely unintentinal and i took no pleasure in it at all, afterwards the girls started giving me weird looks and glaring at me. is this a normal thing to happen or did i do something wrong?

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  • You should've apologized right after and said that it was an accident, if you didn't it's just gonna seem like you were being a creep.

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  • Just apologize to her, this isn't that difficult.

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  • If it really was unintentional you didn’t do anything wrong but you should’ve apologized anyway.

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  • If its truly an accidental group, just an immediate apology "sorry, I didn't plan that" and move on is all that is needed.

    The vast majority of Ladies know when its an accident or not.

    Now if you then felt her up.... You screwed up big time, and need a lot better explanation about why you were wrong to do that.

    I've been in the unintentional situation several times in my younger years (I grew up in a small town with lots of farmer kids in the area - we were pretty rough and tumble in some of our games); and a simple and immediate "I'm sorry" worked.

    I'll admit that I found myself in the 2nd situation once where there was more of a relationship established. I went back to talk to her later that day and really apologized about it and explained how wrong it was.

    She then started pulling her shirt off and wanted me to continue... and I exited very quickly for a variety of other issues that would make such a relationship improper - and avoided seeing her for years.

    I talked to her years later when she was much more older and she held nothing against me and said it was just an interesting experience and that she now understood why I left and avoided her.

    Lessons learned in life. I didn't plan it, but I didn't plan to avoid it either. In some situations you need to plan to not do certain things no matter what seems to develop.

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    • i just kinda, like, basiclly how you grab a mouse but i instantly took my hand away as i wasnt looking where i was tagging people

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  • thanks for the adivice guys, i now know to apologize immediately if something like that ever happens again! (at the time it was a kinda of fast paced game and by the time i realised what had happened i was already out)

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  • You're in the wrong here. Sorry not sorry

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  • It’s a bit late now to just be like hey by the way when this happened. I’d more just address it like hey I’ve noticed you seem to act weirdly towards me, I’m guessing it was about such incident I just wanted to inform you it wasn’t intentional. But you’ve left it a bit late now it will be a bit awkward.

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  • It's okay, you didn't mean it

    You should've told her that.

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  • See if you bump into someone you say sorry especially if you accidentally feel up their chest

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  • It was actually an accidental bump until you left your hand on her chest, cupped your hand and started squeezing.

    I've had those accidental bumps before. If it was truly just an accident and you didn't take advantage of the situation, then a simple apology should work. If you took advantage of the situation then you may have some explaining and a little more indepth apology.

    Depending on her age this probably isn't an the first time, nor will it be the last time a person takes advantage of an accidental bump or touching situation.

    I once had a train slow suddenly and accidentally (bumped) pressed against the gentleman in front of me. His hand was at crotch level and he took full advantage of grabbing a full hand full and yes it was there for only a few seconds but was probably about 4 or 5 times longer than needed.

    My point we can kind of tell accidents from grouped.

    Which did you do?

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  • It’s not really “groping” if it’s accidental, more like bumped into someone.

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  • Were they nice titties?

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