Good products for foot fungus

I’ve had it for years and cannot seem to get rid of it. I’ve seen doctors but using bleach over and over hasn’t helped. Any ideas I can try? Medications to apply?

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  • If doctors cant cure it, what makes you think idiots like us can?

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  • Tamsil? It’s a topical cream you can get over the counter.

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  • Vicks Vapor Rub, apply with a cotton bud at least a couple of times a week, daily is better. I assume you're talking about the fungus which affects the nails and makes them thicken and change colour? If so, use an emery board on the surface of them as well as under the nail itself before applying the Vicks.

    I've nearly got rid of this condition after years and the Vicks is working, but slowly. I also soak my feet at least once a week in water with tea tree oil.

    Good luck & keep perservering. I find if I neglect the process for a couple of weeks the fungus starts growing again.

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  • Try soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt, and tea tree oil. Also try using Absorbine Jr, and Gold Bond Powder. Another good thing to try would be rubbing coconut oil, and tea tree on on your feet, and wearing socks over that before bed.

    I'm no expert, but that's my two cents!

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  • Tinactin could help. Maybe not a cure but will stop itching.

    It is over the counter and comes in sprays or creams.
    Also make sure you are wearing socks with shoes, and change them daily.

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