Friend was insulted by teens right in front of me

My friend and I are both 35, she unfortunately looks older than her age, always has. Since we were younger. Not her fault.

Anyway we were at a restaurant/arcade for 18+. It was crowded packed. Waiter showed us to the booth, we sat there, we ordered. I got up from our booth to use the restroom while she stayed.

She saw a woman left her sunglasses at the table next to us and was leaving without them she got up to give them to her. I came back from the bathroom and saw two teens sitting in our booth. She was trying to get them to leave.

I told them it's our booth and since they wouldn't give it up I said at least give her bag back it's literally in the booth and then my friend said no don't give it back it's our booth I'm going to get the manager this is insane and immediately one of them said "tame your mom" to me and I said she's not my mom and another said "why are boomers so entitled" and my friend said I'm a millennial and you're the one acting entitled and then they laughed and one of them said "over 50 isn't a millennial sweetie"

My friend went and got the manager they said my mom is a serious Karen, i said she's the same age as me she's my friend stop calling her my mom and get up, they started laughing. She got back said the manager was coming they stood up and said bye boomer Karen.

What the actual hell. Is it bad I didn't say anything else? I didn't know what to say

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