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One of my internet friends are coming to visit me tomorrow and he is travelling very far. We have met before. He is only staying 1 day. Its going to be fun but I feel a bit pressure. First of all its going to rain all day so not sure what there even is to do? I live in a small city. The plans we have discussed are outdoors activities and there is literally nothing to do here...
My city is so dead with stores constantly shutting down, there is only really a bunch of restaurants and beautiful nature. There are few sporty indoor activities located god knows where, I live outside the city in an even smaller shithole so I am not familiar with things that arent right in the middle of the city or things that I am interested in myself and i'm only interested in the coffee shops and beautiful outdoor areas. The sporty activities are also expensive and if you for example decide to play tennis or some other thing for 1 hour then that is just 1 hour.
I dont really need to do anything myself. I'm just happy to talk to and hang out with a friend I otherwise only text but I know my friend is a very active person and I dont want him to feel bored. Its really a shame its gonna rain because the best things about the city really is the outdoor areas unless one likes bars I guess. My friend doesnt drink and I drink very little, I dont think either of us likes bars.

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  • It sounds like this friend enjoys your company. There's a chance he may be disappointed if the weather doesn't allow for any outdoor activities. There's also a chance that he'll feel the same way you do, in that you're primarily looking forward to just spending time

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  • Go for a walk in the rain....

    You'll be surprised how relaxing that is (unless its a very bad thunderstorm).

    Just have some good large umbrella's (or rain-suits), and be ready to change clothing when you get home.

    A stop at a restaurant would be a great break as well.

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