Eating junk food

I just came on my period and every time I have it I eat all the junk food in my house. All the biscuits, chocolates, chips within 2 days and sometimes even takeaways like a subway or MacDonalds. On my period I hardly any healthy stuff. I know it's unhealthy to do that, but I want to know if any other girls pig out on junk food to the extent I do when having their period.

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  • I don't get periods, but I do have a habit of binging on anything sweet in the house until it's gone.

    After a lot of thought, I figured out a way of dealing with this: I don't buy the crap.

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  • why are you using a period as an excuse

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  • Every single girl in the world has cravings for certain things while being on their period. Most of the time they crave chocolate, like myself. So, completely natural and normal.

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  • I usually eat more junk food during that time. I don't crave it I just don't want to cook.

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