During my grandpas funeral, i felt very disguested

I thought about how my mom is the only person who has a job out of her brothers and sisters. Her brothers(my uncle's) don't work or have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for years. During the funeral I was asked about my brothers. Just to be honest I believe my brother made their own choices and it's wrong to blame me or my parents for all 3 of my brothers who are in prison. Someone even bothered me and mentioned my family is so perfect but I don't talk about my brother's or dad. I asked the same question back I said please me about your family?

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  • Sorry about your grandpa. My grandma is about to go too. Her mind has already left us. It is what it is. Just learn from your families mistakes.

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    • Sorry for your loss too

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  • People should be careful when make overgeneralized statements about another's family, whether what they have to say is positive or negative. Talking about your imperfect family as if it was a point of jealousy obviously struck a nerve. It also made them look like a jackass who doesn't know what they're talking about. It's normal to be bothered by that

    By the way, that was a really good reaction from you. It wasn't rude, you didn't reveal any uncomfortable information, and it changed the topic.

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