Drinking just to get drunk

I absolutely hate the taste of alcohol. I’ve tried wine (red, rose and white), vodka, gin, rum, alcopops but no matter what form it’s in I fucking hate how it tastes and it just seems to get worse the more I drink it. I can cope with the first couple mouthfuls but as soon as I’m past sip three it’s a struggle getting it down. But I still drink because I enjoy being drunk. Is this normal? I’m 18 btw so it might just be because I haven’t acquired a taste for alcohol yet, idk.

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  • It's not healthy but it's not abnormal for someone in your situation; most people who drink aren't doing it because they enjoy the taste so much.

    If you're overdoing it and significantly damaging your body it will also often come to associate the relevant tastes with poison and despise it even more, eager to treat the next gulp as if you've taken a swig of brodifacoum (rat poison) soda despite the fact that one more sip than too much probably isn't going to be that violent of a change in terms of damage.

    Similarly, people who drink more casually may come to enjoy various tastes of alcoholic beverages to varying extents but it's despite almost unanimously agreeing they would prefer water if they were thirsting or almost any other favorite drink if said alcoholic beverages had no auxiliary effects and it were solely a matter of enjoying a taste.

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  • Maybe try WKD, it's very sugary, it's like a fizzy drink. Or maybe cider, it's like very bitter apple juice.

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    • I’ve tried it WKD, still not a fan. Black cherry is drinkable but the rest still aren’t amazing. I’m just hoping I’ll grow to enjoy the taste of alcohol as I get older. I’ll give cider a go though! I love apple juice

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  • I'm 22 and I also think the same. I got used to taste and I enjoy for example cider but other drinks I don't. I more or less just try to ignore the taste until I'm as drunk as I want to be.

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  • If I drink its to get drunk.

    If you're into MMA a good night out is to go to buffalo wild wings and watch the fight card there and have abunch of beers. I was at one during Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor that placed turned upside down when Nate won. Really fun night.

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