Dr robert malone on joe rogan

If you are interested in both sides of the covid vaccine debate watch Robert Malone on Joe Rogan. He's been canceled over his opinions on mRNA vaccines the first paper that was ever written on how to use RNA and DNA to make vaccines was written by Robert Malone. He is one of the many people who invented the vaccine technology used in most covid vaccines. In my opinion hes been smeared, because according to the media, he spreads misinformation and causing ppl to be vaccine hesitant. But based on his career is a very qualified person to speak on the matter. If you want to hear a qualified person in the field, who is in no way crazy antivax person, who is critical about the safety and effectiveness of mRNA.

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  • He’s a phony like Rogan and anybody who listens to him is stupid. Antivaxers are stupid, ignorant people too.

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  • Yeah. He's an okay person, and he actually provides reasonable information. The issue is that a lot of anti-vax people (Not all, a lot.) recieved their information from significantly less reliable sources.

    That being said, you shouldn't have to get the vaccine. It should be optional, just like the flu vaccine is and was. If it was something like ebola I would be preaching a different story.

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    • Even if it was ebola I still think mandating it is too far. Let the people who dont get it die. Forcing people to do something they dont want to do is bad, even if you are trying to help them out.

      If there wasnt so much alarmism over the vaccines I'm sure more people would get vaccinated. Mainly because america is the worst population to force something on other people. Since there is already inherent goverment mistrust.

      Since joe biden already said theres no federal solution to covid that should open the door for all the liberal states to do whatever economy draining, personally invasive laws they want. Then when people move out to the red states they want to vote in the same exact crap that made them want to move in the first place since they are a moving cancer.

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