Does this dude have high functioning autism?

Seeing a guy who acts a little different but hes pretty normal overall

Symptoms :

1.Not much eye contact but does make eye contact normally half the time

2.Repeats phrases like when he doesn't like someone he'll jokingly say I'm gonna punch them in the pancreas. He can sometimes say this multiple times a day. Like if a guy flirts with me, he'll say I'm gonna punch him in the pancreas, if two hours later he sees a man that is rude, he again says I'm gonna punch him in the pancreas

3.Moves around a lot when he talks to me or sometimes other people like a barista. He'll basically change how his body is positioned or cross his legs then uncross, cross his legs then uncross

4. He sometimes smiles when hes telling me something that you shouldn't smile about like saying he lost his paper for work, that his friend just broke it off with him etc. He's obviously not happy about those things so smiling is odd

5. Has a routine where every morning he showers first, walks his dog and then goes to work and if i text him at 8 am, he usually won't pick up his phone because hes doing his routine.

6. He talks on the slower side most of the time and when on the phone his voice is shaky even though I've been with him four months now (dated for two) , he says he gets anxiety talking to anyone in general

7. He still doesn't know how to say good bye. I'll say alright it's been a fun night and he'll say something like alright I guess it's time to get going. I'll wait for a kiss and he won't give it, he just stands there awkwardly. he even openly told me he doesn't know how to end a date

He has no problem with understanding sarcasm or emotions though. Like I could go quiet or change my tone of voice because I'm not as happy and he'll immediately ask me whats going on and if im okay

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  • He just sounds shy. Not every shy/quiet/awkward person is autistic.

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  • Maybe very mildly, or maybe he just fits a few descriptors and is actually nuerotypical.

    Either way it sounds like once you’re used to his routines he’s easy enough to undstand so I’d be inclined to say it doesn’t matter.

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  • I like him

    "punch that mofo in the pancreas" lol

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  • Not autistic. Probably has some anxiety and is a tad awkward.

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  • tldr but the only person who can diagnose him is a doctor. its harmful to make speculations like this unless you are the person assessing him.

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