Does people still read blogs?

I know I don't read blogs anymore since years back but back then they were huge and bloggers were celebrities. Now it's youtube-vloggers instead, or influencers on Instagram...

But I kinda wanna start blogging again.
I feel like it would help my social anxiety if I opened up more about myself like that. It feels very difficult just thinking about even my friends reading it which to me shows how helpful it would be.
I used to have blogs before my social anxiety got so bad and even though I didn't speak much in person, if at all, I wasn't afraid to share my thoughts and opinions in blogs and not care who judged me. I was a lot cooler as a teen and didn't care about people judging. Now that's all I care about, i'm even afraid to voice my opinions on the internet unless it's anonymously even though when I do I never get negative response because they're just regular opinions.

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  • If you think it would help give it a try. It likely won’t get much attention, as you said blogs aren’t very popular anymore, but if your primary goal is improving your mental health I don’t think that should be an issue.

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  • I never have. Why would I want to read someones bull shit opinion or there pathetic little investigation? You know they made that blog when they were on their period or in a state of mania.

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