Does anyone here know how snapchat friend requests work ?

I added a friend on Snapchat a person I want to get in touch with again and it says when I open his profile on snapchat I have the option "delete friend" and at the bottom it says "friends since 18 november" which is this morning when I added him. I cant see his snapchat score though and he's not in my list of friends. I don't actually know if he uses snapchat actively, he deleted messenger 2 months ago though so he must be using something else instead and since he showed up as a suggested contact to me... I figured maybe he does. What does it mean though it says he's a friend but he's not in my friend list and I cant see his score???

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  • I don't think anyone here has friends. Sorry : (

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  • I've used Snapchat for 4-5 years, I too don't have a clue.

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  • I don't think you can see anyone's score, but maybe if you do they just have it turned off. As of friends list, it's just like the 6 or 8 people you talk to most/most recently. Idk why snapchat does that, but it really means nothing. They're still your friend, they're just not on your list because you haven't talked to them as much as those people already on your list. I hope that helps?

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  • Oh yeah you just gotta snap him and then it'll show up on the snapchat home page, probs

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