Cleaner threatened me for not having food at a cafe restaurant?

At a cafe in my local shopping center, I was told to leave the table because I brought no food. I was waiting for my Grandparents to get their food (as I told her) with the help of a few other family members. I was just keeping the table for them so that they know where to go. The cleaner was angry and went to get someone? Turns out we did nothing wrong and the cleaner was fired a week later. Funny world...

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  • Almost feel bad for her. You have to be pretty messed up to not be able to hold a cleaning job. Employers dont expect the cleaning people to be super professional because the pay is low. Its often an illegal immigrant job. .

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  • People in low status jobs sometimes yell at people just to feel some sense of power. It’s not “normal” but not entirely unheard of.

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  • The cleaner sounds like a karen.

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  • Something tells me this made up.

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  • The cleaner may have been sent over to pass a message from a supervisor.

    How tf long did it take your grandparents and several other family members to collect their food if the cleaner had time to talk to you and go fetch someone else, and how big was the damn restaurant that they couldn't see what was happening?

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