Cat has stink ass

Hi, I have two cats. One is Burmese and the other Maine Coon. The Burmese cat (Ruby) has a permanently smelly butt. I'm pretty sure she's normal and healthy because I bought her as a kitten only a few months ago from a reputable local pet shop (they have an onsite vet too and take very good care of their animals).

When she jumps on my lap and turns around, the smell is immediate and gross. It's not fishy, just like it wasn't cleaned properly.

I guess what I'm asking is how can I get my (otherwise healthy and playful) cat to clean her ass, and is there something about Burmese in particular that makes them neglect their behinds.

Edit: she's actually closer to being a Bombay cat. She's not pure-bred so we not sure of her exact lineage.

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