Cat can't walk properly and doesn't eat much

Our cat can't walk on her back two legs properly and doesn't eat much food. She's around 22-23 years old. She has accidents when she tries to get to the cat litter too.

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  • Yes by all means come and ask iin instead of going to a vet.

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  • have you felt her legs? if she doesn't have any sprains or broken bones it might just be arthritis which is likely because of her old age, i think you can get supplements at the vet that might help her if you can afford it though i think massaging and stretching her legs gently can also help.

    the accidents also sound like old age as older animals can lose control of their bladder, the only thing i can think of is making her wear a diaper if it gets really bad.

    not eating much is a concern, to be honest it kind of sounds like she's almost on her way out. i don't want to alarm you but because of her old age be prepared for the chance of her passing away soon, the best thing you can do is keep loving her and making her as comfortable as possible xoxo

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    • We are definitely going to take her to the vet soon! For the last few years, she had problems with her left leg but it never got as bad as this. We put a few more cat litters in the house to help her so let's see how it goes. We're thinking of adopting a new cat to keep her company.

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  • Sounds like it's kitty heaven time, honestly. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

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  • you should take her to the vet and get her examined

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  • Dang my cat I grew up with lived to be 20. It wasnt sad when she went because she had such a long life. She was able to go in and out of the house through a dog door. Had woods all around us. I loved that cat. Her name was mindy.

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  • Too old. Something is failing and theres nothing you can do to help besides ease that creatures transition to death.

    It had a good life to live that long. Good job kitty.

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  • Awe, she is nearing the end of her life. It's time to let her go. If she is in pain you should do the humane thing, the vet can help. I still have the memorial tin of my beloved feline I had to euthanize. I buried the ashes in my yard. If she isn't in pain, just give her fresh tuna and buy that cleaner with the enzyme to help remove pet odors.

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