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I’m trying to write a birthday card up for a friend. She always writes nice stuff about me in mine but I can’t think of anything to really say. Don’t get me wrong she’s amazing but my minds blank I don’t normally do this. So, what would you say to a friend in a card?

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  • I agree with Booj. Just write "I wanted to write something nice, like you always do, cause I think you're Amazing!! but I suck and writing cards 😊."

    Should get the point across and maybe get a laugh.

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  • Telling her you think she's amazing and you're happy she's in your life might be a start.

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  • Could you describe that friend a bit?

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  • Hehe I know those friends who just bowl you over with the sweetest words... You could search for a nice poem online or just copy something online if you're stuck and add your own personal experience with your friend to it.

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  • My usual greeting in birthday cards is "Have a wonderful day and a wonderful rest of your life"

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