Can you fracture wrist without knowing?

I slipped and fell on my back and wrist 2 days ago.
My back has visible bruising but strangely I have no pain on the bruise I have mild pain further up though sometimes.
My wrist felt fine right after and yesterday until in the evening it felt sore after I had ironed and then its gotten worse. I am wearing a wrist supporter I had at home now which helps but as soon as I take it off theres pain in my thumb-joint all the way up to my elbow. Ive sprained my wrist a few times years ago so I think the pain is similar. I have no bruising though no swelling or anything. Im thinking about if I should go to the hospital. Only my dad could drive me though and we arent exactly close so everytime I need to go to the dr for something he gets pissed and tells me I am crazy and imagine things and need to get taken to a psychward and when the dr tells me whats wrong he gets annoyed if I actually needed treatment because its like he wants everyone to be as miserable as him all the time he even wanted me to take antidepressants like him. So yeah.
And I wonder if its worth that whole ordeal. I cant go see my regular doctor because as usual the waiting line would be at least 1 week long and only the hospital has xray

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  • Yes you can. I had a non-displacement wrist fracture. I didn't think it was broken until they x-rayed it. Surprised me.

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  • You are can. In Jr high wrestling the coach was demonstrating a move with a student, and the boy’s wrist fell into the teacher’s elbow. The teacher just closed his arm hard and after that the boy was telling everybody that his wrist hurt, and we all told him to go to the nurse. The x-rayed it and he had a hairline fracture.

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    • Damn well now I have to call my doctor tomorrow and see if I can get squeezed in for an appointment the same day. Really dont wanna go to the emergency room

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  • It's your wrist, your the one who has to jerk off with it for the rest of your life

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  • Yes.

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