Being extremely thin isn’t fun either

I’m very think for my height. I’m 30, male 5’10 and I weigh 117lbs/53kilos.

I’m often told by people that they wish they were as skinny as me. And being overly thin sucks.

I can’t gain weight. I’ve always wanted to because I don’t feel like I’m taken seriously being so small. And being unable to gain weight I don’t gain any muscle mass when I work out, which sucks.

I hate being asked if I’m eating or I’m sick. No, dumb cunts, I eat. I bruise easily, I’m more prone to pain and injury. If someone hits the back of the car my skinny ass is going through the window.

Speaking of asses…I obviously lack one, clothes fit my weird, I slip when I’m sitting in a chair, and my pants sag without a belt.

I hate being praised about my weight and I wish these small-minded people would stop envying my weight.

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  • So you’re an ectomorph. Anybody that can’t accept you as you are can go pound sand. As long as you’re healthy. It’s better to be underweight than overweight.

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  • Same here. I have been accused of eating disorder because im thin and I dont even like being this thin. Clothes generelly look better on some curves, otherwise they just hang down unless you like wearing tight clothes (I dont).
    My mother was the same as me when she was young though so it's genetic. She started gaining weight in her late 30s so I guess I will too. Most people who are thin gain weight when they get older.

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  • I'd give you 10-15kg of weight in a heartbeat. I'm on the opposite spectrum. I don't eat much, I avoid junk foods and sweets, I don't drink sugary drinks and I don't eat bread - but I'm overweight.

    No thyroid issues, guess just crappy metabolism.

    I used to be 80kg back in 12th grade, six pack and all that, but I didn't drink alcohol back then, walked a good 8-10km a day and hit the gym daily.

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  • Yes you're normal, I used to slip when I sat on a smooth metal yet slippery chair, my pants also sag when I'm not wearing a belt, and I'm pretty skinny yet my parents and younger brother say I'm fat, the reality is I have a pointy chin, explain that, plus I can see my collar bone, I can be modelling in a magazine, but I don't because I can't lose that much weight. An excessively long time ago I lost a lot of weight and I kept it off, I'm the smallest guy down here in the house I'm in. I was always a mesomorph, and I never had spider fingers, nor stubby fingers, my fingers were always medium, my build has always been medium and muscly build, even as a kid, I wasn't thin as a kid, I was a bit chubby but medium size, people are always exaggerating, I'm not that big, and I'm not that small and never have been.

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  • If it's any consolation, I like smaller, skinnier guys over fat or muscly or manly ones, and I also don't like asses, asses are gross they are where poo and farts come out, which are gross.

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  • You will no doubt put weight on around your 40s I used to weigh 50kg then after I turned 40 I'm up to 80 kg

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  • If you had work ethic you probably could have made a good boxer. 5'10 at 117lbs is huge. Most flyweights are like 5'1

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  • I think drinking your calories might help if it's an appetite problem. Fortisip or any calorie powder in milk. But yeah I bet it's not fun

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