Backstabber friends

Ive only ever had friends that backstabbed me. It seems like I'm a sucker for even befriending backstabbers. I have cut them all out years ago. Whether it was stealing medicine from me, not jumping in when I was getting jumped at a party, or something else petty and silly. I was extremely close to these friends that I had but some things are not forgivable. Is it normal to have so many backstabbing friends that didnt really look after you like they should?

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  • Unfortunately yes

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  • I was gonna say the same. A backstabber is not a friend. So like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In the navy we would call that person a "buddyfucker".

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    • I mean we lived together and were like brothers before they backstabbed me. It didnt happen day 1. It was years later.

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  • A backstabber is not a friend.

    The fact that they know you and are nice to you at times does not equal friendship.

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