Anyone with experience of bipolar?

I think that my ex and former best friend (mostly friend as we were never intimate....) has bipolar disorder. We are still on good terms but don't talk and he's met someone.
He only told me he had an anxiety disorder and this is why he needed medication and he said he'd quit it a couple of times in the past but he never would again because his whole life downspirals when he does. However 1 month later he quit it and told me to keep an eye on him but when I pointed out to him that he was getting worse he got upset. It went in periods this. In periods he'd be very on top of the earth. He genuienly believed he wasn't and never had been sick. It got to the point where it was forbidden to utter the words "how are you?". I was not allowed to ever ask him that because if I did he'd get pissed and claim that I think I am better than him, that I am a pyschopath, that I am a stalker and trying to sabotage him all kinds of weird delusions. Then suddenly he'd be texting me in the middle of the night with head pressure and other anxiety symptoms, telling me he was certain he was going to die and just be kinda needy or low and zone out a lot. Then suddenly he'd be back to having a bunch of plans, even moving out of the country, and believeing that he's never been sick and everyone had lied to him and tried to make him believe this, even doctors. It probably sounds like a horrible relation but it wasn't. I got mad at him a couple times and ghosted him but everytime he begged me to forgive him. He also ghosted me twice but both times came back himself when feeling better. We also grew a lot together which makes him special to me. We helped each other forward in life. I still miss him some days and I wish I understood him better, he was ashamed of his mental health and I think he might've left the bipolarity out, does it sound like he might have it? I've heard a lot about bipolarity lately and I just thought everything fit and if so it would help me understand why things were the way they were better. I've also several times considered contacting him as he's shown up in my thoughts randomly and i've wondered if he's okay, like I just feel like checking in sometimes like you do with old friends... But it's different with him because everytime that impulse comes my first thought is "in which period is he right now?" because it entirely depends on that how he would react. And I guess that isn't normal. Therefore i'm curious.

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