Anyone else try to be their own garbage disposal?

I hope some day to see "refrigerator clear out mukbangs" where people slam all the nearly expired garbage in their fridge, and if not I may have to fill that market myself. I just hate to waste food, and also it's good strength training for my guts and immune system.

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  • I eat expired food all the time. It doesn't mean its bad or rotten. I also eat leftovers up to 2 weeks after I make them otherwise I freeze them for a later date. I know a few people who refuse to eat leftovers even the next day so I take that shit too. I never get sick from it and I always joke to people who think its gross that I will absolutely outlive them if we ever have an apocalypse type situation. I also share the philosophy of strengthening the gut and immune system by doing this. And I just really hate to waste food.

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  • I hate wasting food too, but food poisoning isn't worth it.

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  • If that's the case then you should probably throw it away before spoilt food begins to decompose ( as in growing mold ).

    Food poisoning is just nasty and it isn't fun when you feel sick.

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