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Hi everyone just need a bit of advice. I recently been talking to a girl and we are getting on great.
I told her I was into girls and her out and she said she was the same and now we are dating!
She is gone back home for a few months but when she comes home We are planning to go on a date!
I’m taking her on a date myself a surprise and need some help.
She doesn’t like the cinema as we can’t talk and wants to go to a comedy show.
I was planning on paying for the whole date.
I’m taking her firstly in the afternoon to the zoo Mabye a picnic but not too sure yet.
Or to get food at the comedy show place, or should I take her out for food.
The comedy show after followed by a walk up the mountain and then the beach after.
Where we can have a few drinks and enjoy the view.
Will i take her out for dinner too after the comedy show or is that too much!
Any help would be great.
So the zoo, comedy show, food, walk up mountain half way of course and drinks on the beach.
Or if that is too much let me know
I’m not much of a dater myself.
This is my first date with a girl so I’m very nervous like when or should I kiss her or no!
Any dating or date ideas would be great.
Thank you so much for any advice or (helpful) answers much appreciated! ☺️

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  • like Cuntsiclestick said you don't want to overwhelm her, some people can be put off if you put too much effort in especially if it's only the first date. i think just doing the zoo and comedy show is fine, i'm sure she'll love it and you'll both have a lot of fun. hope you both have a good time xoxo

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  • I'd say save the zoo and beach for the second date so you have something else to do for the second date. Keep it simple. Too much might overwhelm a person, but too little might not catch her interest. I say go to a comedy show and then go to a restaurant for dinner afterwards. A diner would be a good place. They usually serve all kinds of foods, desserts, and drinks and it'll leave you with plenty of time to chat. Whether or not you two kiss depends on if there's a mutual connection felt between you two. Good luck!

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  • I wouldnt do the zoo on a first date. A comedy show seems alot better. You always want to have your date having fun with you thats the most important thing. If she's laughing and having a great time with you she will want to hangout again.

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  • I think it depends a lot on what she's comfortable with. Sounds a lot for a first date, but maybe consider her personality? If she's more shy or more outgoing, if she likes to spend her time indoors or outdoors, if she's energetic or needs a lot of rest, etc. All of this can influence her idea of a great date. I personally would love to go to the zoo and if she likes animals she probably will too. Good luck!

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  • I would make her pay her way or ghost her. Sounds like she is trying to go see a film and get a free pass to the zoo on your dime without reciprocating anything.

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  • Too much.

    Dinner and comedy.

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