Aneurysm or other type of headache?

I just a short while ago got the worst pain in my head, like an extreme tightness, but only lasted about 3 seconds. But those 3 seconds was a very painful tightness. It felt for those 3 seconds that something inside my head was going to burst. Both aneurysms and severe muscle spasms can create that, to my knowledge.

It felt like it could be an aneurysm, but I've heard that severe tension headaches or migraines can also come on in that way. The reason it felt like it could've been just an extreme sudden tension muscle spasm in my head is because I've gotten similar tightness feelings in my jaw, foot, and other muscles in my body. And it happened right behind my eyes and in my forehead area which I heard can be migraine or a sinus thing. I'm also thinking that it may not be like an aneurysm is because it didn't come accompanyed with nausea, and I ate afterwards with no stomach pain or vomiting. No blurred vision or confusion, or else I wouldn't be able to type all this now clearly like I'm doing. And like I said before, the style of serious tightness was the same style as muscle tightness spasms in other parts of my body before. And it only lasted 3 seconds then disappeared.

However, because of the severe intensity of those 3 seconds, it still felt like something was going to pop, but sudden severe muscle spasms could also give that feeling, especially with it only lasting a few seconds. And I thought the sudden severe pain of aneurysms would last longer than 3 seconds.

Then again, I don't know for sure. I just want to get some opinions from different people before going to the emergency room, in case most of you say it's not too serious, I would've have wasted my time going there.

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  • It's really not a good idea to glean medical advice from here. Most are trolls and the few of us who are well meaning are not doctors, and any who are would be very wrong to try and diagnose anything without examination.

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    • That's true. Me posting my thoughts and issues on this site is more about me being curious if there are other regular people like me who have had the same issues, and how they handle them. It's more about that than me trying to seek more solid or expert answers. I am going to a doctor for that. That's how I see it anyways

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  • I've done some more reading on this problem I'm having, and I think that what I may have is dystonia, which is also a symptom of parkinsons. I saw that dystonia is where muscles can suddenly tighten up painfully out of nowhere and then relax themselves. I thought that the pain I got in my head was similar to other sudden painful muscle tightenings that I've gotten in other parts of my body. I didn't think it was an aneurysm, because they won't disappear after 3 seconds. Again, I didn't think it was, but I don't know for sure, I'm not a doctor. For those few seconds, it felt like a possibility, like something was going to snap, but both aneurysms and dystonia/ painfully tight muscle spasms can produce that feeling

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