Am I over reacting

My husband left to go to work At 9am and returned home at 11pm. He works for himself. He usually doesn't work that late so I asked him why he didn't call me all day and he said he was busy and why didn't I call him. I didnt call him cause i didnt want to bother him. I felt kinda disappointed cause I think he should have called me to let know he was gonna be working so late. Am i over reacting?

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  • I don't think you're overreacting per se, but that that it would have been more than normal and okay for you to call him to ask him what's up, and why is he coming home so damn late. I think it's rather silly for you to complain that he's not communicating with you when you yourself are not attempting to communicate with him either.

    I am curious though as to whether or not you've had problems with him in the past with coming home especially late, and I'm also curious as to whether or not he's accused you of nagging and or being needy or clingy in the past.

    Regardless, I think he's acting like an asshole!

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  • just call him if you wanna call him, who cares

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  • maybe he just thought it didnt matter cause youd be fine with it

    i think you honestly may be overreacting

    trust is important in a relationship. if you think hes cheating then just wait and see if theres any suspicious things going on

    but honestly you should just trust him, as all this doesnt sound like a big deal

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  • He's probably cheating on you!!! Anyways have a nice rest of your day

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  • How come you didn't call him when he was so late to check if he was OK or hadn't had an accident?

    It was disrespectful of him not to let you know he would be so late and why, but it doesn't seem you're too good at communication either.

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