Am i "jewish" or just "israeli"?

Lots of non-jews have told me I am not Jewish, since I'm agnostic, but SOME (not all) of Jewish faith have told me I'm not Jewish, because I do not believe the way those who practice Judaism do.

Then a small amount of ppl (who know the difference between Jewish the religion, and being Jewish by blood/Israeli) tell me I could go either way, or that I'm simply just a Russian/polish Israeli...

But when you bring up being Israeli, ppl act like Israel & they're Palestine *smh*

I don't condone (all) of what the Israeli govt & military do, as I'm not a Zionist...per se.

I am just 1/4 Israeli and idk if I'm a "jew" because of bloodline simply, or if I'm just "Israeli" with some other mixings in there.

Dude, I just don't know anymore 😆

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  • Judaism is matrilineal, so it depends which "1/4".

    I worked for a family where one of the grandmother's was a Jewish Russian-Palestinian. That threw people.

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    • This! I have a friend who identifies as an agnostic Jew, and I never really saw it as a big deal, I just accepted him for who he is.

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  • They're just trying to shame you into practicing the religion.

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  • It's not normal that you're so confused! I'm not Jewish but even I know that anyone with a Jewish mother is a Jew. Jews can be practising or non-practising or agnostic or atheist, but they're still Jews.

    Jewish by blood isn't the same as Israeli, by the way, unless you're an Israeli citizen. And of course you can be Jewish and not be Zionist.

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  • where da foq my monie at homie!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?

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  • At the risk of sounding very redundant, and cliché, I say, "you do you, baby".

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  • You'd still be considered a jew. This started in Nazi germany I think where if you only had one jewish grandparent you were classified as a jew. To this day we seem to use a similar system although not as thorough. You could get away with having a jewish grandparent now and not being a jew if you just didnt mention it. No one is gonna look into you. But even if you change your religion you're a jew. Being a jew is nationality/race/religion.

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  • why not relax and eat a nice bowla chicken soup with matzoh balls

    here i made you a bagel too

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  • It’s for you to decide what feels right.

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  • I refer to myself as “non practicing Catholic” bc it is my heritage and how I was raised, but I do not follow or believe.

    I think you can refer to yourself how ever you please!

    So you were raised Jewish and have changed your religion?

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