Am i being lied to?

I know this isn't an is it normal question (well a lot of things aren't anything to do with is it normal on here from what I've seen 😂) but am I being lied to?

I can't find someone when I search their name on Insta and when I open their profile from the DMs, it says I'm not following them and I can't follow them so I thought they'd blocked me.

I asked them on Snapchat and they kept saying they haven't so idk 🤷‍♂️. I asked them to check their blocked list just to make sure they hadn't done it by accident and they told me to stop because I was upsetting them by accusing them of blocking me.

I also sent them a DM on Insta and asked them to check if it had gone through and they said it hadn't but they won't show me proof.

IDK what's going on

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  • It's sounds to me like this person has not only blocked you, but is also lying about it. Your best course of action is to forget about this person, and just leave them alone. I know you probably want some answers as to why all of this has happened, but it's really not all that complicated. Most likely you did, or said something to creep this person out, and now he, or she has blocked you for it. This person is probably lying about it to you in order to avoid any sort of confrontation. Just forget about this person, and move on with your life.

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  • If you care this much about someone on snapchat and Instagram then you are very clearly not mentally mature enough to be on this websight

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  • So they keep blocking you and avoiding you. Do you think you can work out on your own what they are telling you? Or do you need someone else to spell out that they are basically telling you to fuck off.

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  • Perhaps yes.

    Perhaps their parent or another friend that has access to their account is blocking you for them.

    A reality, is there are a lot of people who lie in life; and especially on social media and the internet.

    Many people find its inconvenient to tell people the truth, so they lie.

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  • You should tell this person how their behaviour is making you feel and make it clear that it is not okay to hurt other people’s feelings. But don’t put right accuse them of lying because they may get defensive when accused, engage them in an open conversation where you both try to understand where the other is coming from.

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    • Well I've been blocked on everything so I can't. I left it for a bit to give them space, came back and noticed I've been blocked

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