Am i alone in this feeling ?

Am i one of the few or the many. I just got a laptop with Windows 10. I just dont get the format. I cant hardly find crap on it not to mention i cant even get it to play a fucking DVD movie. Am i alone or just getting to old for tech ?

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  • My first encounter with Microsoft was Windows 2.0 back in the late 1980s, and I've spent a good part of my life using PCs running every one of the successive versions. I know there are fanboys who have an irrational attachment to previous versions, but I find Windows 10 far more stable and usable than anything that came before, and it's amazing how well it runs on some pretty old, low-end hardware.

    So, maybe you're too old to deal with the differences, but this semi-geek isn't.

    As for DVDs, yeah, it sucks a little that there's no built-in DVD player in Windows 10, but it's not hard to solve that issue if you have a smidgen of technical know-how. I suggest you look into installing VLC Media Player. It's free, and works fine for me.

    If you don't like the idea of running free third-party software, you can buy Windows DVD Player from the Microsoft Store.

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  • I have Windows 10,and it wouldn't play d.V.D.s.,either. So I had to pay a ton of money to get a program installed to play d.V. D.'s. And I still can't play games on it. It's so stupid!

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  • Win 10 is great. If you think it "blows" feel free to fire up Win98.

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    • Windows 7 was better, no matter how you look at it. It was more customizable, more lightweight, didn't contain spyware, and had more built-in functionalities.

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  • I've had a similar experience with my Windows 2000 laptop but I got over the features.

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  • honestly windows is an asshole. After like 2 years with the laptops the DVD player "expires" found that out when i went to play a movie but didn't have wifi. They just turn themselves off after so long. Its beyond bullshit. It'll work right up to playing anything. I looked it up and its a standard problem. Like apple being shit. Its just standard

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  • UI always changes, get used to it.

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