Afraid of being labeled hypochondriac

Sometimes I feel very bad with pain in my body and usually I will just complain about it at home but sometimes I feel I need to see a doctor to calm. Several of those times they have found nothing wrong with me so I am afraid of being labeled whiny and hypochondriac. I've gone to the physio way more often though and for good reasons I have pronation and have had shin splints multiple times from not walking correctly and ive pulled a muscle a few times. Now ive hurt myself a bit again and its probably nothing but I wanna make sure. I got an appointment but in a week so I asked in a mail can I have one sooner because I hurt myself and otherwise there is no point I dont wanna go wonder for a week if I hurt a muscle and need to treat it a certain way or something. So now I feel whiny. Plus I went to the dr twice a week ago but I had legit symptoms when I booked one of those appointments but by the time the appointment came up I was fine again because 2 weeks had passed I just went anyway because why not its good with a checkup sometimes and the night before I had been to the ER for a panic attack. So yeah. What are the odds they will soon think I am whiny or insane?

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  • Sounds more like you have some sort of general anxiety.

    It's normal to go to the doctor if you have injured yourself. And shim splints are very painful. You are tying yourself in knots here and overthinking stuff. If your family aren't sympathetic about your health problems then maybe they just aren't that nice. Dont always assume that you are the problem in any situation.

    One thing I want to mention - there's not much point in going to hospital for a panic attack. They can't really do anything for you that a friend or relative at home couldn't do, and it can often exacerbate things because it's a stressful environment.

    Obviously if you feel more comfortable going to the hospital when it happens then continue to do it, but I know for a lot of people it just puts more stress on the situation and they don't get any real benefit from it.

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    • I have social anxiety but I believe that's not all because I get anxious from so many things that has nothing to do with other people too. My family tends to think im being silly.

      You dont think logically when you have a panic attack. I thought I was dying from an allergic reaction because my tounge felt numb and my throat felt like it was closed when it wasnt. You cant control yourself when you are choking or cant breathe. Even if its not real how can you be sure and relax until a doctor has reassured you. I almost never have panic attacks too.

      I didnt find going to the hospital stressful in that moment because I wasnt thinking logically and therefore not sitting down contemplating how stressful it would be it was just surviving.

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  • I wouldn’t say it’s normal but not something you should particularly feel bad about. Many people are hypochondriacs and I would certainly label you as one.

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