Advice please

So I (22) haven’t flirted/dated in 5 years because of a relationship and I’m trying to put my self back out there.

So I messaged this guy (27) I use to talk to a loooong time ago, it never really went anywhere cause he lived a little far and we were bother younger. He messaged back right away and then added me on snap.

I’m probably over thinking but I can’t tell if he is interested or not.. our convos are decent but it’s not clicking. I feel like it would eventually because I remember him being shy and maybe that’s stoping him?

Anyway I like him, he won’t text first but he always texts back. Told me we should def hang out one day. So guys or girls, it’s been two days since I messaged him and like I said he won’t text first. Should I assume he’s not really interested or try again?

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