Acceptance of the slip

I have schizophrenia. My dad had it, his dad had it, it’s just how it goes for us.

I take all the medication they give me - on time, every time. I go to my therapy sessions - on time, every time. I’m a very happy and healthy person, my life is in its peak, but my mind is only getting more slippery.

It feels like my perception of reality is walking on ice, where every once in a while a step doesn’t stick and my foot slides out a bit. It’s a stumble, not a fall, but I’m staggering a bit more every week.

I knew this is how it would go, I just thought I had more time, and I thought I’d - by some divine chance - be more graceful about it.

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  • Just remember to take your meds. Those meds are keeping you on the correct side of perception of reality. If you are anxious about slipping into a hole, please talk to your psychiatrist and/or therapist.

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  • Man that's scary, but looks like you're strong and living life so I applaud you.

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  • Well your thought seems well ordered in the post

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  • maybe tell your therapist

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  • I thought you were talking about clothing by the title

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  • How do you feel, dude? I had a couple mates who were schizophrenic but never really understood it. Do you feel kind of "detached" from the world, or does it seem illusionary, or scary?

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