A week that happened

Ok,Week has been busy with office & project, ups and downs of the life. Getting frustrated at life. needed someone to talk to atleast mind to get diverted. its late & i am alone at home and on the terrace its pitch dark, windy chill & silence, gazing at stars and the lights of the houses and thinking about my life.
skipped cricket match with friends this week.i dont know but life has become so lifeless for me.Nothing new is happening.And suddenly at this time SS messages me on whatsapp.Oh god this is what i badly needed.She was back from shadi of her relative which she tried to explain but all relations go way over my head!!.The chat we had for some time was like treatment for me.Its always the talk with her that gives me a something extra. she shared her pic, she looked damn hot in the saree. the sleeveless blouse/short sleeve was adding the fire. just crazy i say. After some talk on food and shadis rituals she went to sleep and i did twice which is rare and then went to sleep.The perfect end to the day/week.

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  • My truck broke down and I spent a week at home. Squandered the time away as I'm not good not having stuff to do.

    Not a workaholic but I need shit to do, to be a person. I devolve when I'm just sitting around doing jack squat.

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