A poll for woman: would it be a turn off if your man wore light make up?

I'm not talkin' all dolled up and pretty with obvious make up, but if your man wanted to wear light barely noticeable make up to cover up small flaws and or mild acne would it be a turn off?

I ask because I'm a guy who wears light make up everyday to cover up mild acne, and even when I dated a woman for 7 months awhile ago I never told her, she may of noticed, but i really feel that she didn't as I definitely think she'd be the type to say something about it.

I was afraid to tell her or talk to her about it or ever let her see me put it on or without it, because I thought while the chance was small, she might think it was a turn off or weird. So ladies... if your man told you he liked to put light foundation on everyday to cover up small flaws on his skin would you be bothered by it? Be honest...

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