A close friend of mine who is atheist, encourages me to go to church

I am Atheist.

I became Atheist During 2021, After leaving a religious cult I was involved in for 5 years. My entire life, I had gone from church to church honestly having not learnt anything despite only knowing that Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph and then died on the cross. I always considered myself as a Christian, but then the truth dawned on me that I could never call myself a true believer which bought on so many doubts within my mind.

When I joined The "Cult" I went through a reset from different subjects about God and educating myself on how to Humbly preach his words and practice them. This particular church, called themselves the true church of God and worship not just the God the Father, But a God the Mother. Sure enough, attending this Church seems so lovely and Graceful but once you learn the Dark sides of them, You'll be Glad to never see of them again.

However, it was not the Church that drove me out; it was in fact many personal Family Domestic Violence that Forced me my sister and My Mother to Leave and Find a Safer Place to stay. After Leaving the Family home, I wasn't able to attend Services and Eventually after Two years I began to slip into Atheism, constantly questioning whether there was This Invisible entity that we can call God actually exists.

Another important thing to note, is that I am Bi-sexual and I came out to my Mother in 2020, She supports me and we haven't told the Church anything about it so far. As I slipped further and deeper into Atheism, I saw how Awful and Cruel Christians can be, from Homophobia to Racism and soon I began to hate anything that related to god.

This year, a close friend of mine who I will call R who is also Atheist, Encouraged me to go to the Local church of mine just ten minutes away from my home. I no longer live with my mother as I turned 31 years old in July 2022. I believe R knows that I too am Atheist, But because she thinks it would be good to join in the Morning Tea, and Drawing activities along with the river walks I have not Judged or refused her offers.

Also, I help in the Kitchen setting up coffee and snacks. I really like Doing this and It gets me out of the house, away from social media and depression. You may be reading this confused thinking none of this makes any sense which is why I came here. I too wondered how this makes sense now that every Tuesday and Thursday's I hear something new about God without losing my mind.

I Guess from all of this I wanted to know if What is Going on is normal???

Is It Normal?
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  • Anyone who's religious and treats others poorly for things like sexual orientation or race is practicing their own religion wrong. There could be some other reasons for going to church though, like a sense of community and belonging or service opportunities to help others. It sounds like your friend wants you to join some social activities that don't necessarily focus around God or faith as much as on whoever's in the group

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