**the truth about online dating**

I’ve gotten a lot of responses on my posts regarding online dating.. is it good? Is it bad? There are mixed reviews, but I personally think it’s garbage.. this guy sums it up perfectly


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  • Dating is nothing more than a disaster piece that's why I deleted all my dating app profiles.

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  • They're best used for quick sex, if you're looking for love then they are almost worthless with very few breakthrough cases.
    Personally I can't say much on the matter, my only experience with online dating was when my 2nd brother put me on one when I was 19 & linked my email to the notifications as a joke.
    Was wondering "The fuck do you mean I have a match? Who the hell are these men/women messaging me? What do they mean show *more* pics?"

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  • Since my girlfriend was found off of tinder and most of my friends found their significant others off of tinder. I cant rule out finding your catch on tinder. You just got to be willing to be rejected (in my case) hundreds to thousands of times before you can get a good one.

    Honestly in my opinion it's better than regular dating since I'm an introvert and I dont have any social areas people my age frequent without being the creepy guy. Tinder just filters people by area.

    In guys case you really, really need to try hard to get a date. Unless you are the top 10% of guys then you have your pickings. The rest have to be good conversationalist.

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  • I bet I'd have good luck with online dating but being married its not a good look for everyone in town to see your profile and think "isnt that dude married?wtf?"

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  • It's OK once you learn how to identify the scammers, and get used to the fact that most people are not interested in you (or are only interested in a "good time" right away, and then move on to someone else quickly).

    I found it best to limit contacts to people in my immediate area where we could easily meet for coffee (or similar) in a public place. 95% of those clearly were rejects withing minutes of meeting in real life (its amazing how fake the image can be that people can project on the web, telephone, and video calls).

    I wish you well with this,

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