4 day fast every week?

Every week or so I go for a 4 day fast to help promote weight loss. I don't starve myself since my body is accustomed to this lifestyle.

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  • that sounds absolutely miserable. do you at least stagger it so it's not 4 days in a row?

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  • 4 day fasting a week seems way too much. If its just to lose weight until you reach a goal then maybe but idk dude. Make sure you are taking a good multivitamin and choline supplement.

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  • I knew a bitch who would go without eating for days at a time, multiple times. When she lost weight it wasn't even a good looking skinny. Parts of her body had jiggle, wrinkles, and sag. She threw a fit at my sister and tried to tell her she couldn't wear a tank top on MY property. She's now banned from communicating with me or my family. XD

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