4 day fast every week?

Every week or so I go for a 4 day fast to help promote weight loss. I don't starve myself since my body is accustomed to this lifestyle.

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  • Well humans are designed to be able to handle a few days without food so I won't exactly say it's the worst thing ever.

    I mean pre towns we weren't exactly walking 20 feet to the fridge.

    But I'd still say you might be risking having your body enter starvation mode where it assumes food isn't a given and just stores most of it and only uses what's absolutely necessary resulting in weight gain because your body is storing more than it needs to.

    At least that's what my gym teacher used to tell me I'm not an expert so take it with a grain of salt.

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    • I knew a bitch who would go without eating for days at a time, multiple times. When she lost weight it wasn't even a good looking skinny. Parts of her body had jiggle, wrinkles, and sag. She threw a fit at my sister and tried to tell her she couldn't wear a tank top on MY property. She's now banned from communicating with me or my family. XD

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  • that sounds absolutely miserable. do you at least stagger it so it's not 4 days in a row?

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  • 4 day fasting a week seems way too much. If its just to lose weight until you reach a goal then maybe but idk dude. Make sure you are taking a good multivitamin and choline supplement.

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