47% of covid cases in uk

According to a new study 47% of covid cases in the UK are people who are already vaccinated.

And 40% of covid hospitalisations are vaccinated.

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  • Covid will beat these pussies.

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  • Kudos to you for citing a credible source for what you say in your OP, but you seem to have skimmed over the graph in that article which clearly shows that cases are highest in those who have not been vaccinated, lower in those who have had one dose, and much lower in those who have received two doses.

    Nobody has ever claimed that any of the vaccines are 100% effective; no vaccine ever is. But what's clear from the statistics is that when a fully vaccinated person catches the virus, they are much less likely to become seriously ill. It's also clear that being vaccinated reduces the chances of long Covid.

    If you compare UK graphs of people infected, people hospitalised and deaths since this whole shit-storm started, you'll see that all three tracked pretty much the same curves (with the latter two lines lagging the first) up until a few months ago. And yes, the line for the number of cases has been shooting up over recent weeks, but the rise in the hospitalised line is not following the same pattern it did during earlier waves, and daily deaths remain very low.

    Saying that some significant percentage of people who have been vaccinated are coming down with Covid makes a nice, scary headline, but if you think about it, that's only to be expected. If 100% of the population was fully vaccinated, then obviously 100% of cases would be in people who were fully vaccinated. Since the fact is that just over 50% of the UK population has been vaccinated, then the odds increase that someone testing positive will be one of those people for whom the vaccine wasn't completely effective for some reason.

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  • The article says that 47% of the cases are people who are at least partially vaccinated.

    There's a huge difference between partially vaccinated and vaccinated. Your post is misleading.

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  • Source


    47% of new covid cases among vaccinated people.


    It says 60% of those hospitalized are not vaccinated. Then logically that means that the remaining 40% is vaccinated, correct?

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    • Yes. It's also worth noting that old people and people at risk are more likely to get the vaccine, so the vaccine might look less effective than the graph suggests.

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  • If any those vaccination actually have at least small impact, at least small percentage of infected and death should go down. but has it?
    In my town, since last Wednesday three died after vaccination. Extreme cold and fever after vaccine and they die in sleep. And no media or medical reports on those deaths.

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  • Be careful there. The vaccine that most people in the UK used was never approved in the USA. It did not have that great of an effectiveness rate up front.

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  • This couldn't get any worse it could ruin everything.

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    • It could always get worse. At least it ain't airborne Ebola. It's just a very infectious influenza, not the best of a pandemic but definitely a softball pandemic. Only killed a couple million. Black death killed 25 million and that was before you could travel anywhere on earth within the day rather than maybe 20 miles back then.

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