18 living alone, no-experience, any good job choices? (read desc.)

My dad has always been strict and never let me work for some reason. No one could argue with him, because he's *that* kind of guy. I was dependent on him for my life expenses until he passed recently. Now my mom wants me to go out and live independently. She'll be helping me for the first (few) month(s), but after that, I will be on my own completely. She's going to let me save the money I earn, and pay rent on my behalf until I have enough to handle everything on my own(the rent is $650). I'm going to have to start from scratch. I have no work experience. Obviously you wouldn't know where I live and what jobs are available there, but on a general note, are there any no-experience job recommendations?

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  • There are lots service/ retail jobs don't require many qualifications. Try to emphasize any relevant non work experience on your resume, for instance education, extracurricular activities etc. If you have had any casual jobs (such as pet sitting or yard work) you should put that on your resume as well. Because you are only 18, employers will probably not expect you to have had tons of work experience, so you should be fine.

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  • Postal worker.
    Restaurant/fast food worker.
    Landscaping crew member.
    Construction laborer.
    Security guard.
    Warehouse worker.
    Retail sales (i.e. the mall).
    Google search for jobs near you. The last one is a joke, kind of.

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  • This should help you immensely: https://goo.gl/Qo6d8Y

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  • Try to find a company that do the inventories in various stores. They usually don't ask for a resume or any experiences whatsoever. :)

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  • look for entry level factory work just to get your feet wet and gain a little experience. You don't have to stay there.

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  • If you can i would grow ganja and/or mushrooms. Made me a lot of money. Started at 18 now im 19.

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